Allenby House (Jalan Besar)

Allenby House (Jalan Besar)

Allenby House was built in 1928 for an owner named Chittiar. It is a four-storey shophouse located at the meeting point of Jalan Besar and Allenby Road. Allenby Road is named after Edmund Allenby Beatty, a British Field Marshall, owing to Singapore’s former British colonial legacy.

Tall narrow windows of Allenby House

It is interesting to point out that the fourth storey was only added on much later. Westerhout and Osman had originally planned it as a three-storey shophouse. With that enhancement, Allenby House became the first four-storey building along Jalan Besar and the first roadside lodging house.

There is a central court on the upper floor surrounded by an open corridor lined with cubicles. The building curvature also serves as a gateway from Jalan Besar into the Jalan Besar Stadium, Singapore’s holy grail of football.

Rooftop of Allenby House

Site map showing unique curvature of Allenby House

View from Futsing Association

Today Allenby House is featured in the Jalan Besar Heritage Trail, as part of National Heritage Board’s on-going efforts to document and present history and social memories of places in Singapore.

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