Top 3 Places to Pick Up Singapore Girls

Top 3 Places to Pick Up Singapore Girls

Much has been said about the alluring beauty of the Singapore Girl so I have decided to share the top three joints to pick up girls in Singapore.

1) Flea Markets (Women in their 20s to early 30s)

Flea Market at 8Q during Voyage Night Festival 2011

You do not just score cheap deals, thousands of meaningless accessories that look too similar, and pretty tote bags and fancy clothes at flea markets. Hordes of pubescent and hormonal 20 to 30-something girls frequent the flea markets. Such girls also display friendliness (obviously as they are trying to make a sale), budding entrepreneurship and random quirky traits such as recycling and reusing to save the environment.

2) Supermarkets (Women in their 30s to late 40s)


Women in supermarkets know what they want. Be it a Japanese cucumber or an African banana, they know where to find it. They are ruthlessly efficient, they cut to the chase, and they want it quick.

Japanese Cucumbers


3) Wet Markets (Women in their 50s and onwards)

Wet Market

These women like it hot and wet. They believe in the social art of human interaction, are knowledgeable in current affairs and like their fish to be scaled in front of them. They bring a square trolley of vegetables with a free newspaper daily distributed at the MRT Station after their Taiji morning session at the Community Club. Goodbye lousy instant oven-heated 7 Eleven sandwiches. Hello Cantonese double-boiled soups.

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